I want to ask designers working in different sectors a series of questions that will demonstrate their approach to graphic design as modernist or postmodernist.

I will include feedback from designers in private industry, community sector and educational sector.

I want to firstly find out how these designers consider and apply the basic design principals to their own work. I also want to find out their thoughts around purist approaches compared to experimental (semiotic) approaches. I hope to be able to use the results within my essay and relate them to agruments for and against these approaches.

The questions are as follows:

1. Describe the industry/ sector/ environment that you work in ?

2. Why are you a graphic designer ?

3. How do the fundamental design principals of design (ie shape, form, concept development, use of fonts, colour etc) impact on your work ?

4. Some designers like Erik Spiekerman  believe that typography must be ‘process’ driven ie clearly delivered with the message absolutely understood on a universal level. If a font is difficult to read ‘process’ theorists believe the message can be mis-understood and that the overall design process is ultimately flawed. Please view and share your thought around this view.

5. Do you use grid systems within your work ? if so, why ?  if not, why ?

6. Neville Brody often referred to as a ‘graphic rebel’ developed Fuse Magazine, a platform for designers to experiment with typefaces. Do you think graphic experimentation is important ? why ?

7. What / who inspires your work ?

9. Living in a digital age we are surrounded by and almost suffocated by visual communication ? How do you think that this impacts on client expectations of graphic designers ?