Rick Poynor book review by Anne Werber – graphic design and postmodernism.

Postmodernism to Poynor is an art movement that ‘blends high and low cultural references comfortably’. Absolute and universal values he agrues are no longer applicable. The idea of original artwork is not possible in a post modernist era as it is belived that postmodern art is a replica of something that has existed before.Per Arnoldi. DSB. 1975

The originality of Cranbrook graduate [PER ARNOLDI]’s approach can be gauged by looking at a set of 1975 posters advertising DSB, the Danish State Railways. Instead of choosing predictable motifs that suggest speed, comfort and reliability, such as one finds in the great railway posters of Cassandra and Pierre Masseau, Arnoldi opts for small, endearing images which he scatters along a single horizontal strip at the bottom of his paper, leaving the rest bare except for a stylized sun or an occasional cloud.