First poster produced by Peter Saville for the factory in March 1978. The Factory then was based at the Russel Club, a West Indian venue in Moss Side.

In the 70’s and 80’s record sleeves were the oinly place that you would really see any progressive/experimental contemporary graphics. The Sunday Times magazine launched in 1962 was the first newspaper weekend magazine in full color, revolutionatry at the time it informed and gave people an insigt into modern social, political and cultural trends on a global scale. Learning about fashion trends as well as the contemprary art scene, namely the pop art scene in NYC had a great influence on the young aspiring designers like Peter Saville.

It was during the 1970’s that the onset of the post-modern art and design movement became really apparent in main stream popular culture. Peter Saville’s series of ‘New Wave’ album covers for bands including Joy Division, New Order and Suede were some of the first graphics to depict this new art and design movement. The artwork for the Joy Divisions album Closer was considered by critics as much more than just a surface aesthetic. Rick Poynor referred to it as ‘ a more self-conscious deconstruction of design’s inbuilt assumptions’   and ‘the graphic equivalent of the era’s trend towards neo-classicalism in architecture.’ No more Rules – Graphic Design and Postmodernism by Rick Poynor, a review by Anna Gerber for Print, 2004

JOY DIVISION – CLOSER -Iconic ‘NEW WAVE’  album cover artwork by Saville

Peter Saville, Waste Painting

peter saville

New Order/ Blue Monday album cover

Credit & Design: Peter Saville Associates © The Peter Saville Studio

peter saville

New Order/ Power Corruption and Lies album cover

peter saville

Suede/ Coming Up album cover  

peter saville

New Order/True Faith