Modernist and post-modernist thought is relevant to answering my research question about graphic design and purist or rebellious/ deconstructive approaches. Communication theory is also split into two main areas process theory and semiotic theory. process theory relating more to modernist thought in that form and functionality is absolute, universal and wide reaching. If a message is mis interpreted or mis understood  by the receiver then modernists and process theorists consider the overall communication process to be flawed.

Postmodernists on the other hand and semiotic communication theorists do not believe that a mis interpretation of the graphic message suggests a flawed system of communication. On the contrary, they see graphic communication as an agent in the actual construction and exchange of meaning. As oppossed to design being communicated on a universal level post modernists believe that design is very specific and ultimately determined by contemporary culture which is a product of economic, social and geographical factors.


ANTINOMIES OF SEMIOTICS IN GRAPHIC DESIGN, Peter Storkerson, Visible Language, 2010, pg 5-37