‘Graphic Purist’ or ‘Graphic Rebel’ ? Modernist v’s Post-modernist graphic design.

Essay structure:

1. Background:

2. communication theory – Baldwin and Rooberts quote on communication theory

3. Describe modernist v’s postmodernist argument briefly

4. origins of modernism

5. Wim Crouwe – total design – philosophy and influence

6. Erik Spiekermann – mass public communication – structure and function of great importance

7. Summarise Spiekerman and Crouwel

8. 70’s emmergence of post modernism

9. Crouwel v’s Van Toorn 1970’s

10. Poynor no more rules – arguments supporting post modernism

11.Cranbrook academy of arts- experimetation, cranbrook

12. Neville Brody

13. Concluding thoughts, influence on my work, end.