The launch of the Sunday Times Magazine was revolutionary at the time of production in 1962. It was the first full colour magazine and showased photography, writing and artwork from around the world. It captured and communicated visually, political, social and cultural contexts to audiences across Britain. People could read about the modern art scene in New York and the Fashion industries in Milan which inspired and enlightened many graphic designers at that time in the UK.

Photograph of Kylie Minogue by Uli Weber

Image from the Satchi Gallery exhibition celebrating 50 years of the Sunday Times.

Article in The Sunday TimesPublished: 20 January 2012

In February 1962, the Sunday Times launched the first colour magazine. “My  God, this is going to be a disaster,” groaned Roy Thomson, the then owner of  The Sunday Times. Newspapers in those days were dull dogs and the idea of  putting a colourful magazine with a paper was seen as barmy.

Mark Boxer, the first editor of the Magazine, later recalled, “A curious truth  soon emerged: readers liked it – so much so that about a quarter of a  million new readers were attracted to the newspaper.”

Fifty years on, and much emulated, the Magazine is marking its half century  with a free exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, showcasing the world class  writing and photography which has defined the Magazine for five decades.

The contribution made to the Magazine by renowned writers such as Ian Fleming,  Martin Amis, Bruce Chatwin, Zoe Heller, James Fox and Nicholas Tomalin, are  also celebrated.

The Sunday Times Magazine 50th Anniversary Exhibition, sponsored by Lexus,  is at the Saatchi  Gallery, London from until Sunday March 18. Entry is free. The  exhibition is open daily from 10am to 6pm