NB famous for his typography. Art Director at The Face magazine. Publication – The Graphic Language of Neville Brody. Fuse magazine, a digital typography mag dedicated to experimentation and the subsequent Fuse conference where Brody leads debate on experimental type and typography. Research Studios is his design firm with clients inc. Nike, British Airways, Macromedia, Deutsche Bank, Armani & BMW.

Brody’s method and design philosophy has shifted over the years from design rebel to someone who has institutionalised rebellion. When asked, in an interview by Steven Heller for Print 53 magazine, what does “Research” suggest in relation to the name of his firm ‘Research Studios’ he replied:

“Something that is based less on gestural or fashionable approach than on an analysis of structure, of meaning; on building a framework before you start responding intuitively. Like Jazz music, you have to build a solid structure before you can improvise.”

Brody sees client involvement in the creative process as integral to the initial stages of design development,   . he believes ideas naturally develop after this but within a structured framework developed from the onset.