My current practice specialism is graphic design. I design things that are usually printed or digitally displayed in some way.  I have been commissioned to design two recipe books, both for community arts projects in North Manchester. I design posters, flyers and create album artwork for CD’S and vinyl. I love to draw, paint, sculpt and collage. I like to integrate hand made elements into my graphic design commissions. An artist that inspires me is Su Blackwell – she makes book sculptures, her work is intricate and enchanting and other worldly. The work is intense in that it is time consuming and intricate.

Above: Su Blackwell – Book Sculpture

Below: Miniature sculpture by Dalton Mghetti – Dalton Mghetti his art as a channel to focus his mind and alleviate his mental ill health. Although he has a demand for it, he refuses to sell any of his work, its painstakingly time consuming, tiny and delicate stuff. To make money he sells postcards of his work, he says that when he dies he will donate all of his work to a museum for free for display to the public.

I’m passionate about music, film, art and humans. I love Music and Health, I believe music in hospitals makes the world a better place. I love films that are impactive but not in the obvious mainstream sensationalist ways; Michael Heneke is one of my favourite directors. He creates very intense tension from very simple concepts, subtlety in film is thought provoking and in Heneke’ case very open ended. I am inspired by foreign language film because it gives us an insight into how people from different places live and exist. Foreign films are often more subtle, meaningful, quirky, artistic and intense than the American mainstream, often on much lower budgets too.

The opening scene of Apocalypse Now also inspires me, the entire film is packed with atmosphere, i like things that are sensory and make a viewer experience a feeling or an emotion.

Music inspires me, what inspires me more than music itself, is how people react to it and how they passionately love it. Music is freedom and identity. I love afro jazz, Don Cherry is one of my favourite creative inspirations, his record Brown Rice with its unusual musical scales and vocal distortions captivated me the first time I heard it.

Don Cherry