trying to write anything down is proving almost impossible. tonight i realised that time alone is very precious. This is why?

I discovered:

Bill Strickland – probably one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever come across.

I realised regardless of how obvious it is that records are actually real life nuggets of joy!

I realised I don’t like it when i feel undermined, it really makes me uncomfortable. I realised that listening to music that i like is definitely best when alone and helps shake off the negativity.

I realised that I have no education in art history what so ever! – I’m not sure I want one either, but realy feel like i should get one. I have finished an important commission for the Queen of England. …and its made me think a lot about composition and shape and those sorts of quite technical things and how I also have no formal education in these things. TED Talks are however quite possibly the most brilliant things that I have discovered in a long time and they are helping me overcome my boring artist complex.

I discovered EMC Record Label!

I think green things and less things make sense.